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    Do you love to share what you've sewn with Knitpop fabric? Are you active on Facebook or do you blog about sewing? The affiliate program will let you earn rewards by adding an affiliate link to your posts!

    How does it work?
    It's simple! You register your affiliate account (we chose Affiliatly to keep track), make an affiliate link and post it with your own picture of a garment sewn with Knitpop fabric, in a Facebook group, blog etc. The affiliate program now lets you earn 5% of any sales bought through that affiliate link, in the form of Knitpop store credit (Knitcoin). The link stays connected for 14 days. 

    There are only three rules:

    - Must be your own picture  of a garment sewn with Knitpop fabric;
    - No affiliate links within our own Knitpop FB group;
    - You must have a Knitpop account (so we can pay you).

    Sign Me Up!
    Register your affiliate account below.  You can now log in anytime, create affiliate links (by adding your personal link extension to any Knitpop product link) and see how much you've earned!

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