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    All Knitpop fabrics that meet CPSC Safety Requirements will be marked "Meets CPSC Safety Requirements" in the product description.

    To find them, select the 'Compliant' collection from the menu or click  the 'compliant' tag in the tag cloud while browsing any collection. 

    If compliance is important for you, we recommend you purchase only fabrics that are marked as compliant for your production (i.e. not scrap packs, auction items etc, save those for personal projects!). We will at our discretion test certain knits that are not exempt if they can be restocked, otherwise the laboratory testing is cost prohibitive*.

    Most Knitpop fabrics meet the CPSC Safety requirements and are exempt from flammability testing, because the are plain surface (no raised pile) and weigh over 88 g/sq.m (2.6oz/sq.yard).  'Raised pile' fabrics like velvet, corduroy, french terry** etc. require flammability testing. 

    Fabric is exempted from lead testing unless it has a coated or painted decoration that can be scratched off - think heat transfers or heavy paint on top of the fabric. If you run your hand over the fabric and feel a bump when you get to the decoration, it will require testing. Knitpop very rarely sells fabrics that are decorated this way. All fabric that is dyed or screen printed where the dyes are set in the fabric fibers are exempt from lead testing.

    How does it work?
    Without going into too much detail: If you are a Small Batch Manufacturer (SBM) you will need to offer CPSC certificates for your products. Your first step will be to request a (free) SBM number at www.saferproducts.gov so you can create your own certificates. There are specific CPSC exemption numbers you can then list on your certificate for our fabrics that are exempt from flammability testing. If a fabric is not exempt (like velvet, corduroy or french terry with loops showing when worn), you will either need to get it tested yourself or, if a Letter of Compliance (LOC) is available from Knitpop, you can use the information provided to create your own certificate. For more information, please study the resources below.


    Knitpop Letters of Compliance:

    If you have further questions regarding the Knitpop compliance program, please contact us here:
    Knitpop / Product Safety Compliance.
    17451 Lyons Creek Rd
    JAMUL CA 91935

    *Please note that, since we sell fabric (considered a component) and not a clothing manufacturer, under CFR we are not required to provide CPSC certificates. We will at our discretion test certain non-exempt fabrics and offer Letters of Compliance as a courtesy to the small business owners that shop with us. 

    **French terry is exempt from flammability testing when the loops are not visible when worn. I.e. if you make a cardigan and the loops show when it is on the body and drapes open, it is not exempt from testing. If you make shorts and no loops can be seen, it does not require testing.

    The information on this page, while composed to the best of our knowledge, is provided only as a courtesy to our customers. We are a fabric retailer and do not offer legal advice. We urge you to consult with a legal professional, compliance specialist or both for all matters related to product safety.