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     Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Yes, Knitpop offers the following discounts on 10+ yards of any full price fabric (custom prints & premium products excluded):
    10+ yards - 10%
    20+ yards -  20%
    30+ yards - 30%
    The discount is automatically processed in the cart.
    Exclusions: Any discounted items; no other discounts may be applied.


    What can I expect during a SALE?

    • We will not be emailing to offer substitution during a sale due to the following reasons: non-continuous yardage, out-of-stock, or flawed items. Out-of-stock or flawed items will be refunded.
    • Continuous yards not guaranteed: We will do our very best to ship continuous yards but unexpected issues may arise, such as flaws within large bolts and manufacturer quantity (measuring) discrepancy. This affects a small percentage of orders. During a big sale, hundreds of yards sell at once, causing an item sell out before we can give warning that pieces may not be continuous. If you must have continuous yards, please leave a note on checkout and we'll automatically refund any non-continuous yards when shipping: we will not be notifying of non-continuous yards via email.
    • Out-of-Stock items will be refunded automatically. Substitutions will not be offered during this sale.
    • Multiple orders will be combined automatically, as long as existing orders have not yet shipped, and shipping overage will be refunded.
    • Turnaround times will be extended. If you have a fabric emergency, please email us - service@knitpop.com .
    • Bulk, promotional or wholesale discounts do not apply to sale items.
    • No retroactive discounts for orders placed before the sale began.
    • Discount codes / bulk discounts can not be combined with a sale. No stacking / 'double dipping'.
    • Gift Cards are excluded from site wide sales.

    What is Knitcoin?

    Our popular rewards program! Read more here.

    Do you sell half yards?
    We sell whole yards only.

    How do I check the status of my order?
    Please log into your account anytime to check the shipping status of your order. You will automatically receive a tracking notification when your order ships.

    I placed an order but I forgot something, can I add it?
    As long as the first order hasn't shipped yet, simply place a second order and your orders and yardage will be combined and shipping overage refunded.

    Will yards be continuous?
    Unless otherwise noted your yards will be continuous. Bulk orders of 10+ yards may be shipped in 10 yard increments.
    If there is no "LAST YARDS - MAY NOT BE CONTINUOUS" note in the fabric title and we can't supply continuous yards for some reason, we will email you with options prior to shipping. See "What to expect during a Sale" for exceptions. If you have any questions about this, please email service@knitpop.com.

    What is your turnaround time?
    We typically ship within 1-2 business days. We ship USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days) or UPS Ground. During big sales events processing times may be longer (see "What should I expect during a big sale?").

    A few business days have passed and I did not receive a shipping notice?

    You may log into your Knitpop account anytime to check order status. If it hasn't shipped, please check your inbox and spam folder for any Knitpop emails (in case there is an issue) and feel free to reach out to us at service@knitpop.com

    Why am I being charged sales tax? I'm out of state.
    Due to a supreme court decision (Wayfair vs South Dakota) there have been huge changes in the sales tax laws. Businesses (including Knitpop) are now legally required to charge sales tax in other states if they pass certain thresholds, in our case often the number of transactions per year, no matter how small. If you look closely at receipts from other online retailers or marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy and Amazon you'll notice you've been getting charged sales tax, for the same reason.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are a small business and have a resale certificate in your state, please read this and provide us with your certificate!

    Do you sell Knitpop Gift Cards?
    Why yes we do! You'll find them here.

    Can I use Knitcoin to pay for my order AND use a discount or gift code?
    The system can only handle one discount per order so Knitcoin can not be redeemed in combination with another discount or gift code. You may use one or the other.