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    Knitcoin is our super simple and convenient rewards program. How does it work? It's very easy:

    1. Create your Knitpop account and earn 25% Knitcoin Rewards on your first order;
    2. Automatically earn 5% Knitcoin Rewards for every dollar spent on fabric after your first order.

    Example: if first order is $100 before tax/shipping you earn 25%x$100=$25 store credit towards your next order!

    You can redeem some or all of your Knitcoin as a discount on your next order, save it for a big purchase or even share it with a friend!

    Note: Please make sure to log in anytime you shop. Guest checkout orders will not earn rewards.

    You can log into your Knitpop account anytime to view your Knitcoin balance. Your balance will also display in your shopping cart during checkout, where you can redeem it - or not. It's up to you to decide when and how much you wish to use!

    It's amazing how our community has grown in just a few short years and how many loyal Knitpop customers we have. We thank you, so this one's for you! Of course, if you're new, may this be your warm welcome! Please introduce yourself in the FB Group and share a sewing project!

    Knitpop Team

    Love our Rewards but have a question?
    Please read our Rewards FAQ

    Program Terms & Conditions

    • Rewards are available to registered members only. ONE ACCOUNT PER CUSTOMER please (referenced by name and address). If you need to change your email address, please email us.
    • Rewards have no cash value and  can only be earned and redeemed on the purchase of products on our website, not tax and shipping.
    • Rewards can not be redeemed in combination with another promotional code.
    • Rewards have no cash value and as such may not be redeemed for credit/refund to a payment method (i.e. Paypal, credit card).
    • Unused rewards never expire.
    • Rewards are not applied retroactively.
    • If an order is canceled, rewards earned on that order will be deducted from the member’s account.
    • If you are using certain discount codes, your order may not qualify for rewards.
    • Knitpop reserves the right to make changes to or end this program at any time. Any rewards earned prior to such actions will be honored.
    • Behavior deemed not in line with the spirit of the program (i.e attempts to game the system to double dip on promotions) may result in rewards and/or membership being revoked. Sadly, we had to include this in the fine print ;'(

    Exclusions: Rewards can not be earned or redeemed on Knitpop Gift Cards.

    If you have any questions regarding rewards, please email rewards@knitpop.com


    Rewards FAQ

    I have earned Knitcoin, how can I see my balance?
    1. Make sure you are logged in and click "My account";

    2. Click "View Rewards & Discounts"

    3. This takes you to your rewards. Here you can view your Knitcoin balance and any discounts you have redeemed but not used yet.

    I have Knitcoin balance, how do I redeem it?
    1. Make sure you are logged in on www.knitpop.com and fill up your cart with all the fabric;
    2. In your cart click the "Redeem Knitcoin ($$)" button just above the checkout button.

    3. Enter the amount you wish to redeem in the popup. The amount can not be greater than the subtotal of fabric in your cart;

    4. Done! Click "checkout" and you will see the discount applied to your subtotal in the next screen.

    I do not see my Knitcoin in my Knitpop account or my cart during checkout?
    1. Make sure you are logged in;
    2. Please check if third party cookies are enabled in your browser settings, if they aren't your rewards can't load. "Enabled" is the default setting but they can be disabled in some browsers. Alternatively, try a different browser or device.

    To enable cookies in Google Chrome (Mac):
    1. Open Chrome preferences click on Settings, then Show Advanced Settings.
    2. Under Privacy, click on Content Settings.
    3. Make sure "Block third-party cookies and site data" is not checked

    I redeemed Knitcoin for a discount but I removed it on check out, what now?
    Knitcoin will automatically return to your balance if you check out without using the code. If you didn't check out, the discount code will remain in your account but if you wish to cancel the discount code and manually recover your Knitcoin follow these steps:
    1. Log into your account or click "My Account";
    2. Click the "View Rewards & Discounts" button. You'll see the active discount code under "Current Discounts"
    3. Click "Cancel and Return Knitcoin". Done!

    Can I use Rewards / Knitcoin to pay for my order AND use a discount or gift code?
    The system can only handle one discount per order so Rewards can not be redeemed in combination with another discount or gift code. You may use one or the other.

    Can I use Rewards / Knitcoin to pay for my order AND receive a bulk discount on 10+ yards continuous?
    Yes, in this case you can. The bulk discount is manually refunded at time of shipping. Your refund will be made to primary payment method (Paypal, credit card) if the balance paid allows (after applying Knitcoin). If the refund amount is greater than the balance paid refund will be made to your Knitcoin balance.

    Can I purchase a gift card with my rewards?
    Unfortunately, no. Gift cards are excluded from the Rewards program, you can not earn credit on or redeem credit for Gift Card purchases.

    Can I gift my rewards to a friend?
    This is possible, follow these steps:
    1. Log into your account or click "My Account";
    2. Click the "View Rewards & Discounts" button;
    3. Click "Redeem for discount";

    4. Enter the amount you wish to gift in the popup;

    5. Refresh the browser to show the generated discount in this screen and select "Share Discount with Friend".

    6. Enter your friends email address along with a personal message. Make sure the email address is the one she uses for her Knitpop account.

    If you have any questions regarding rewards, please email rewards@knitpop.com